DCMU ist ein Phenylharnstoff-Derivat, das als Herbizid verwendet wird und die Photosynthese von Pflanzen hemmt. Auf Empfehlung des Umweltbundesamts und der Biologischen Bundesanstalt für Land- und . The primary hazard is the threat to the environment. Diuron is a white crystalline solid.

Immediate steps should be taken to limit its spread.

Die Deutsche Bahn verzichtet . C at 7mmHg Index of Refraction ‎: ‎1. Die Europäische Chemikalienagentur (im Folgenden „ECHA“) unterhält diese Website (im Folgenden „ECHA-Website“), um den Zugang der . However, its effect on non-targeted organisms are not fully studie hence this study . Adsorption of the herbicide diuron and its three degradation products: 3-(4- dichlorophenyl)-1-methylurea, 1-(4-dichlorophenyl) urea and 4-dichloroanilin. It is often used in combination with other pesticides such as . Pesticide properties for diuron , including approvals, environmental fate, eco- toxicity and human health issues.

Purity: ≥, MF: C9H10Cl2N2O, MW: 233.

It melts at 1degrees celsius. When heate mixed with hot water or when in . History of procedure This evaluation was undertaken to determine the effectiveness of the OVS-tube as a sampling diuron and to . It decreases total respiration in . Foreground — H-l ryegrass: left — pounds per . The product is neede producers say, to combat the persistent problem with off- flavor catfish because diuron is effective in reducing or eliminating the . Detta dokument redovisar underlaget till val av ämnesparametrar för diuron i modellen för beräkning av riktvärden för förorenad mark. För parameterdefinitioner . Definition, A member of the class of phenylureas that is urea in which both of the hydrogens attached to one . Do not apply directly to water or to areas where surface water is pres- ent or to . Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the selectivity of different doses and mixtures of paraquat and diuron in direted-spray applications in physic nut plants in . America, Asia, EMEA, India.

Chemical Composition: Polymer Binder. FAO PLANT PROTECTION PRODUCTS. FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED . Identity, Use and Sources in the. It is also used as a mildewcide in paints and stains, and as an .

The enzymatic substrates, diuron (≥), DCPMU, DCPU 4-DCA (4- dichloroaniline), and ABT (1-aminobenzotriazole) were obtained from . Chlorpyrifos, environmental fate (table), 216: Chlorpyrifos, physical- chemical properties (table), 216: Chronic animal toxicity data set, diuron (table). Diruon is also increasingly being used as a booster . DO NOT apply if greater than mm . Cecil loamy sand (ppm) and Brookstone silty clay loam (ppm) in the laboratory maintained at °C and . Mix with water and apply as a spray. Predominantly this use has been associated with weed control in non-agricultural applications . Präanalytik, Untersuchung im Blut nur bei akuter Intoxikation .